Tracking Cookies at Helsinki World Design Capital

Tracking Cookies at Helsinki World Design Capital


dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Our recent Tracking Cookies project has just been repeated at the World Design Capital event in Helsinki this past weekend!

Virtueel Platform organised the Dutch E-Culture Days there, in which they showcased great Dutch E-culture projects. For example, there were presentations by:

  • Jarno Smeets, the man who made us all believe he could fly using Human Birdwings.
  • VPRO about Nederland van Boven, a beautiful TV series that uses a lot of datavisualisation.
  • Submarine Channel about The Art of Pho, an interactive motion comic.
  • Kars Alfrink on Play Pilots, a project from Utrecht (yay!) that created a meta-game for Utrecht's many festivals.
  • The Mobile City's Michiel De Lange
  • Alper Çugun talked about Hack de Overheid and the Open State Foundation.

Check out the results below:

If you prefer a bigger map click here.

All photos are made by Virtueel Platform.