Imaging [urban] data visualization

Imaging [urban] data visualization


27 februari
Expert meeting about creative & critical urban data visualization


maandag 27 feb 2017 15:00 tot 19:00
Parnassos Café

The goal of this meeting in collaboration with [urban interfaces] is to facilitate a dialogue between academics and practitioners about the possibilities for innovative, critical and experimental forms of “bringing  back” data to (urban) publics. Or, in other words, we will discuss how creative and critical data visualizations allow urban publics to become aware of, and engage with, issues of public, shared concern, and to subsequently act upon them.

This is an urgent topic as our society is becoming increasingly datafied and our urban spaces are increasingly infused with (smart) media technologies. The event brings together a diverse group of practitioners and researchers who, in various ways, work with data visualization. Invited artists and researchers will present their work on datavisualization and focus on intersections of artistic and/or other ambitions. Questions that will be addressed include:

  • How does the (selected) medium communicate the data in (artistic) data visualization?

  • How is “factuality” and “fictionality”, or imagination, negotiated in (artistic) data visualization?

  • How can new, artistic and creative visualization play a role in reshaping our conceptualizations of the urban?

  • How does situation and context (i.e. urban, public spaces) influence the way visualizations work?

  • What is the relationship between data visualizations and changing forms of urban publicness?

Explore strategic partnerships for collaborative research and artistic funding proposals.
Explore agenda setting for research, artistic practice and cultural events.


Moderator: Michiel de Lange

Urbanisation | Making Urban
How does visualization play a role in the shaping of the urban present and urban futures?

15:00 Opening
15:15 Peter Pelzer (Urban Futures Studio, Utrecht University)
15:30 Klaas Kuitenbrouwer & Linda Vlassenrood (Datastudio)
15:45 Questions from public
short break

Datafication | (Re)Making Databases
How does visualization entail a working with databases and/or collections?

16:15 Geert Mul in conversation with Eef Masson
16:45 Questions from public
short break

Activation | Making Actionable
How are publics addressed, engaged and/or activated?

17:15 Richard Vijgen (White Spots)
17:30 Tanne van Bree (Debt Converter & Pollution Projector)
17:45 Questions from public
18:00 Roundtable 


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