Dutch Ethereum Developer Meetup

Dutch Ethereum Developer Meetup
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Woensdag 18 mei 2016

Dutch Ethereum Developer Meetup

Utrecht | De Bibliotheek Utrecht

Een unieke meetup van het Ethereum Project, een open source blockchain-infrastructuur.

SETUP en de Openbare Bibliotheek hosten een Ethereum Meetup. Ethereum is een project waarin wordt gebouwd op een blockchain-infrastructuur, om zo gedecentraliseerde applicaties te bouwen.


A safari on the Ethereum blockchain (semi-introductory talk, Pascal Van Hecke)
An attempt to explain the basic ideas Ethereum in five minutes (come watch it fail ;-) and illustrate the basic ideas by going over some already deployed distributed apps on the public blockchain.

The State of the DApps (Joris Bontje, Ethercasts)
For more than a year Joris has been hosting and curating a list of all the Ethereum DApps known to mankind (except some obvious scams / ponzi schemes) on http://dapps.ethercasts.com. In his talk he'll reflect on the kind of DApps that are being developed by the community. What trends can we see? What are the favorite languages, frameworks and licenses? And of course answer the important question: does a "Tinder for Horses" already exist?

Question and Answer session (30')
Have questions you want to see answered in the session? Post them as comment below. We'll try to answer as many as we can in half an hour, but we will prioritize those questions that are more suitable for a live session, rather than just answerable by a link to a tutorial or a documentation page!

Show and Tell
Like last time, we'll also have a number of mini-talks: 5-minute demos, or even just pitches for a project you’re working on, or planning to work on. No slides required.