Understanding The New Aesthetic

Understanding The New Aesthetic

Woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Understanding The New Aesthetic

Utrecht | SETUP HQ
€ 5,00

A night with lectures on The New Aesthetic, a recent art movement concerning all kinds of computer aesthetics.

The blog The New Aesthetic has been a discussion starter for a whole new and widely spread debate about 'the birth of new aesthetics', or even the beginning of a genuine new art movement. The way computers 'see' our world can result in exciting, unexpected imagery.


On Friday the 26th of October, SETUP celebrates the opening of its art expo 'Coded Perception', in which we're trying to understand this new phenomenon by diving into these new aesthetics with fascinating exhibitions and newly created art installtions. But we also would like to look beyond the work itself, discussing its functions and meaning in larger context. We'll discuss the self-proclaimed 'newness' of The new aesthetic, discuss whether it's a true 'movement', and try to figure out how these artists open up 'the black box' of new technologies, shrouded in their own incomprehensible techno-secrecy.

Keynote speakers

Darko Fritz - author of 'The Beginnings of Computer-Generated Art in the Netherlands'. He will question what's new about The new aesthetic and elaborate on the assumed analogue-to-digital transition in arts and cultural phenomena.

Frank Kloos - designer. From a making/designing perspective, Frank shows us the importance of this movement. The new aesthetic was born in a world of designers, which is why Frank will elucidate on this topic.

David M. Berry - academic. David explores The new aesthetic from within his own familiar academic interest in Open source and The black box.

We invite everyone who's attending to attribute to these talks and discussions.


  • 19:30 (Doors open)
  • 20:00 Introducing The new aesthetic
  • 20.10 Darko Fritz
  • 20:35 Frank Kloos
  • 21:00 (Intermission)
  • 21:10 David M Berry
  • 21:35 Discussion, questions, answers
  • 21:50 Drinks!

Please note: the entire evening is in English.