Trending Topics: Digital Visual Culture

Trending Topics: Digital Visual Culture

Vrijdag 9 november 2012

Trending Topics: Digital Visual Culture

Utrecht | SETUP HQ

Present or pitch your paper or project related to Digital Visual Culture.

Around January 2011, a team of New Media and Digital Culture students published a beautiful online magazine named 'Digital Visual Culture'. The magazine covered topics like participatory video, algorithmic video art, face recognition and animation. #DigitalVisualCulture was trending these days and many scholars and students published articles and papers on this fascinating topic.

This fall, digital visual culture seems to become a trending topic in Utrecht again. Impakt organizes a brand new festival on (digital) visual culture from October 24-28th and SETUP opens an expo about 'The New Aesthetic'. Can we make #DigitalVisualCulture trending again? and SETUP invite students, scholars, artists, professionals and hobbyists to realize this goal. Strategy: an inspiring friday night with a mixture of academic research, short presentations and creative exposition openings. We invite both short 140 seconds presentations and more serious "academic work in progress" on Digital Visual Culture.

Call for lectures, 140 seconds presentations and expo's

Got some work on progress on Digital Visual Culture going? Our event is open to your input, as you can now apply for one of our presentation formats:

  • a) apply for a lecture or long presentation (20 minutes, 0 out of 3 available)
  • b) take the stage and present a glimpse of your paper or project (140 seconds, 1 out of 6 available)
  • c) present your paper or project using our expo tool (6 minutes, 1 out of 4 available)

Are you currently working on some cool stuff about Digital Art or Computer Generated Imagery? Don't hesitate to apply for a short presentation. This could be research, art, tools, visualisations, or anything else of interest. Please contact tom [at] SETUP [.] nl for more information or choose one of the presentation formats and send a short presentation proposal.

List of confirmed speakers (updated regularly)

  • Dr. Ann-Sophie Lehmann
  • Frank-Jan van Lunteren
  • Therese Schedifka
  • Noraly Schiet
  • Ellen Bijsterbosch
  • Danielle de Jonge
  • Esmee van der Giessen
  • Kalina Dancheva
  • Levien Nordeman
  • Robert Overweg
  • empty space left for you?